Mendoza, March 21, 2019  
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Production process

Soil Preparation
Proper preparation of the soil before fumigation is fundamental for obtaining optimal yields. Subsoiling and disking facilitate drainage and prevent the accumulation of salts in the soil.

VIANSA disinfects the soil with Methyl Bromide . This treatment ensures the foundation for healthy plants.

Mechanical planting ensures proper plant establishment and rapid growth.

Cultivation Activities
VIANSA implements a program of preventive health care for the crop during the entire season.

VIANSA registers all sectors of plant production with SENASA and INASE for each variety. The crop is controlled throughout the entire production process: from plant importation and transplantation to the harvest and delivery (for domestic sales as well as for export)

The goal of VIANSA is to deliver uniform and healthy plants to the clients.

In addition to phytosanitary controls in Argentina, VIANSA coordinates its activities directly with representatives and technicians from various breeding programs to ensure plant quality and genetic integrity.

Harvest - Packing - Transport
VIANSA Žs planting stock (mother plants) is certified by the countries of origin. Every year, VIANSA renews its stock from the most renowned plant propagation programs in the United States and Europe. All imported mother plants are inspected by SENASA for disease control. INASE authorizes the importation of plants, registers and confirms  the origin and integrity of the source.

Plants are sent to the packing shed on the same day that they are lifted from the soil. At the shed, they are sorted according to size and maturity. Then they are packed in poly-lined cartons. Each carton is marked with information regarding the variety, date of harvest, and quantity of plants. Each carton is also labeled with a certification tag of INASE and a variety protection notice for each licensed variety.

Each carton contains 800 to 1,250 plants depending on variety and plant size.
The cartons weigh about 15 kgs. each.

The final product is delivered to domestic or international destinations via refrigerated truck, or by maritime refrigerated containers at preset temperatures of -2ÂșC. Air freight shipments reach their destinations within 48 hours.

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