Mendoza, March 21, 2019  
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Our planting stock can be delivered as a fresh, leafy strawberry plant in March, as a fresh, chilled plant without leaves in April and May, or as a frigo plant (dormant plant held in cold storage at –2 degrees ºC)  from June to April.

VIANSA exports plants to over 15 countries, as well as supplying all the major strawberry production zones in Argentina with quality rootstock.

Plant Health
VIANSA maintains rigorous phytosanitary practices and controls in order to deliver certified healthy planting stock to clients.

VIANSA´s entire planting stock (mother plants) is certified by the different countries of origin. Every year, VIANSA renews its stock from the most renowned plant propagation programs in the United States and Europe. All imported mother plants are inspected by S.E.N.A.S.A for disease control. I.NA.S.E. authorizes the importation of plants, registers, and confirms the origin and integrity of the source.

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