Mendoza, March 21, 2019  
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San Carlos, Mendoza:

The principle office of VIANSA is located in Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, whereas the main nursery site is located in the department of San Carlos, about 90 kilometers south of the city of Mendoza. At this nursery site, the company owns 76 hectares, and plants about 20 hectares of nursery stock every year.

VIANSA implements crop rotation at its nursery site, alternating the production of nursery rootstock with green crops at least every two years. Prior to planting strawberry rootstock, the nursery soil is disinfected with Methyl Bromide (500 kgs. per hectare during at least 72 hours.). The application of this fumigation gas eliminates soil-born diseases and guarantees the production of healthy rootstock.

El Maiten, Chubut:
In El Maiten, Patagonia, VIANSA leases over 100 hectares for development or rotation purposes and produces about 40 hectares of rootstock per year. The climate of El Maiten is unique.  At 43 degrees latitude and about 800 meters elevation, strawberry plants receive intense heat and light during the day, and cool, chilling hours during the night. This special temperature and daylight combination produces a large, vigorous plant.  When the early autumn frosts arrive in March, the plants are in an ideal condition for harvesting and transplanting. VIANSA harvests these plants with leaves in March and without leaves, as a fresh, chilled plant in April. Plants from El Maiten are immediately transferred to the strawberry growers' fields in the north of Argentina and Brazil. These plants produce fruit between 60 and 90 days after being harvested in the nursery.
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