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VIANSA markets at least 20 strawberry varieties and introduces at least two new varieties every season; each of those varieties has been selected among the most advanced strawberry genetic breeding programs in the world. VIANSA has a large array of short-day and day-neutral varieties available from the following sources:

Florida Seed Foundation (varieties developed by the University of Florida)

PLANASA (varieties developed in Spain)

Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.

And other varieties stemming from numerous private programs in other parts of the world.


Variety Origen Type
Sweet Charlie Florida Foundation Seed Short Day
Earlibrite Florida Foundation Seed Short Day
Festival Florida Foundation Seed Short Day
Winter Dawn Florida Foundation Seed Short Day

Florida Foundation Seed

Short Day
Elyana Florida Foundation Seed Short Day
Oso Grande (public variety) Universidad de California Short Day
Sabrosa (Candonga) Planasa Short Day
Plarionfre Planasa Short Day
Macarena Planasa Short Day
Carmela Planasa Short Day
Milsei Tudla Planasa Short Day
KP794-15 Kanaka Peak (USA) Neutral Day
Whitney Beech Street Farms (USA) Neutral Day
Cristal Planasa Neutral Day
Sweet Ann Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc Neutral Day
Sabrina (experimental) Planasa Short Day
In addition to producing and marketing commercial varieties, VIANSA cooperates with strawberry fruit growers by conducting an active demonstration and experimentation program to test advanced selections from all breeding programs.
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